radiolaria, dendrite, nerves


first let us start with a link to some really stunning jewelry and some other blogged crafty work.  this is not  in the realm of cute chick makes corsets1!11!!/etsy yarn doll / screen print/ sparrow necklace stuff, although I know there was an etsy page start here, it transcends.  this work is a lovely fusion of  biologics made to wear art and craft .  best to look at the jewelry here and the concept in context than for me to describe.

A current bubbling up & creative project of mine caused me to find those adornments. That currency relates to a musical project which perhaps will find its way to the blather and figurals pages under which all creative dolls find themselves stuffed for now.  I don’t feel like collecting more interest, I must admit. I need to spend the currency here, but when and how when and how…


but more to the point, there is a nearly hidden line in my recent animated obsession  ‘everything will be ok

A line comes with the deformed birds on cell phones moment  (although ‘the pipe is leaking’ has invaded my thoughts quite often) where one says “I am made nervous…” and completes that sentence.  The completion of sentence in EWBOK matters but not really to the rest of my story.

Right.  Well.



‘I am made nervous’ keyed into a variety of concepts that have a tendency to draw my attention.  Or at least send me into a research state.  Nervousness in humans be it due to self-effacement or borne of genuine insecurity – be it substantive or be it simple genetic meets mental disposition, the concept of the nerves and discussion -Their nervousness fascinates., I like to see it.

As I enjoy thrumming on the nerve endings of others, to see what reactions I might inspire – I consider, of course, the nervous system, the stimulus<>response, and naturally it all takes a hard right into the parking lot of Behaviourism.

Somehow, it also falls into a written project which will have some relation to sound scape. it is all mucosa.

Bubble bubble.

For now, here are some things I found in 9 minutes of very fast google research that I will keep to remember the line “i am made nervous”.  More to come as it sets up into a  substantial project…or perhaps this is all I will get.  A moment made public of the kind of research that allows me to move into the  productive part of the day.

I find the images I discovered in my quick scan-words-into-images  similar and leading.

enervated when I see the following in succession now on the page, i am made nervous when I consider such patterns bent to projects.

Drosophila melanogaster  (fruit fly)excelsior



if you have yet to discover …. when hereabouts, clicking thumbnails makes for big pics overlaid on the browser window.