shiny silver hot pants

I’m ordering them today. rollersk I can’t wait.

I live very near this exceptionally long promenade which marks the collapse of that sky way that fell during the Loma Prieta earthquake in the early 90s, right down the middle of the multiple lanes is a sidewalk for walking.  But me?  I’ll be skating it. Not inline skating, 4 wheel skating.

Ah and no actutally, have no plans to roller derby.  (aka “The New Burlesque”)  This is strictly a “need something other than jogging/treadmill/elliptical” kind of thing.  This is an avoid jogging thing.    This is a preparing to wear leather bootie shorts thing.  This is a fresh air and music grafted to my ears get out of the damned head and house kind of thing.  This ain’t even a nostalgia thing.  Although I am more ambidextrously skilled from that time I tried to roller skate in an empty pool in the late 1970s and broke my left hand wrist.

But I best insert a youtube clip because one can’t very well go about mentioning roller skating on the streets without referencing some kind of roller nostalgia, right?


Oh, I’m terribly sorry.  I should be inserting something more ironic, no? Here, how about the raddest, most tubular roller skating thing ever filmed instead then?


It will be Xanadu.  I will indeed, be your roller mama, and perhaps we shall will discover that I become hell on wheels.