there is no original thought left

this functions as an ongoing answer to bogus poetry’s recent  posting of favorite videos.  I think it’s a brilliant idea and I’ll be doing the same for awhile as I’ve mostly only capacity for cut n’ paste for now. Unca Jesse often has excellent musical offerings that aren’t necessarily “Music Video” on display regularly in his shed behind the house there, that I love to discover.  Both are found under the “Flair” link if you’re looking for more ways to enjoywaste some more time.

I begin my video posting copycat response-o-rama with a little nod to the “dad dancing at the wedding” moments found in many a Nick Cave video.  Here, it’s taken to high art at about 2:25 and absolves all bad NC&TBS dances from videos past. Oh how I adore this video.  There are 2 Nick Cave vids that top out above this for me in the faves category, but if we’re thinking of bad wedding dance sequences, this takes it and breaks it and recreates it oh yeah oh oh oh oh yeah oh and brings it straight into my arms.