7,6,5 no voice of the beehive

And thus we continue. Mostly, it’s not about “my top 10″ so much as those I remember when I think “music video”.

7:  Seeing Grace Jones in any capacity has left its mark on me, especially when she and Dolph Lundgren did that naked photo shoot for Playboy in the 80s & especially once the lady started advertising for those Honda Elite Scooters.  But I digress! This vid stands as a testament to all things  music video had to offer at the time and to the beginnings of the classic music video format. To me it always looked like DaDa – like Hugo Ball and Tristan Tzara were dug up just for the occasion of creating this little moment for Miz Jones.

People painted colors, singing heads on a television set filmed to be shown on television (wheels within wheels), sped up video dancing, & antique bathing costumes are just the beginning… robo headed Grace Jones!

Grace Jones, Slave to the Rhythm


6: This is the first music video I ever saw, the first time I ever switched on MTV, first there was the astronaut with his flag and then there was this, all in 1982  (see also Bauhaus, Mask #9).  I will never forget Mr. Billy Joel falling into the carpet which was really shaving foam while haughty society women look on put out by his gauche actions.   I feel  the guns of pressure pointed at my head…  Classic dystopic future themes, ruined loafers, water glass stress, and more

. I’m not a Billy Joel fan but I still like it when I hear this song, thanks to the video.

5: I’ve inadvertently gone back to spooky town with this offering of Coil covering tainted love .

This video did more for my sense of safe sexual practices and understanding of the sheer tragic loss from HIV related complications and the ugliness of not knowing one’s STD status than any public service announcement ever did.  Was it the flies and honey?  Maybe.  Perhaps it was the dirgelike cover in combination with the Nosferatu -esque moments… or maybe it was just the times.

Either way, this video introduced me to Coil and for that I will always be grateful.

Tainted Love, Coil