incedentally: archived

Rather than creating an unwieldy single listing of links that causes an epic scroll from the main page, DitW has decided to periodically archive those incedental links full of brain candy or brain killing.


  • Doll Space Pygmalion: Katan Amano and Ryo Yoshida Dolls and Photography… links on lower left will help you avoid waiting for flash to get around.  Japanese ball joint dolls.
  • Coil House: A love letter to alternative culture.
  • Francesca Sundsten:  just look at her paintings rather than my describing them.  They’re better in person.
  • Mike Libby, Insect Lab: the perfect marriage:  insects & moving metal parts… Mike Libby makes beautiful creatures.
  • Gregory Brotherton:   Interesting metal object oriented sculpture (ie: old vacuum cleaner made into deathray, typewriter parts sculpture) to include some metal women & the usual arousing robotic looking femmes that get DitW going.
  • National Library of Medicine: Turn The Pages Online! fabulous little find of books, such as Andreas Vesalius’s De Humani Corporis Fabrica where you can browse the pages via web.

  • supervert: I found this researching a variety of translations of  Baudelaire’s “damned women” includes sexy necrohilia and alien fetishism
  • Switchblade:  Swedish band that played a Scourge Productions installation video as part of  their live show.
  • post secret ongoing human art project.  People telling their deep secrets via medium of postcards sent to anonymous (less anonymous these days) mail box.
  • Arcade Museum: Archive of coin operated machines, games, penny arcadia and other stimulating content